Day 5: Athlete Quotes


Following their 11-3 win against Romania, Poland's Karolina Florek said: "We had an easy start and it was the first easy game for us. So far we had only one win and this is the second. So we are really happy. We played really well, I guess. We're gaining more and more experience which is good for us."

Her teammate Szymon Molski added: "Unfortunately our best match was not against the strongest teams."


Following their 7-3 win against Poland, England's Lana Watson said: "I think we did feel that we had the game in control. We made them make the hard shots rather than us and it was good."


Following their 8-3 win against Romania, Canada's Charley Thomas said: "I don't think that any win out here is expected, but we played pretty well, and then that's success. I think we played a few more draws than we might normally have played, just to continue to get that feel for draw weight and the line on the draws."

After their 8-1 win against Belarus, Canada's Charley Thomas said: "It was one of our better games I think. We got our rocks in really good positions, and I think that was the difference. We are perfectly balanced with our two wins today."


Following their 10-3 win against Korea, Hungary's Dorottya Palancsa said: "From the very beginning of the game we were fully focused, we knew the ice, so it went well."

Her teammate Zsolt Kiss added: "We concentrated from the beginning as we knew that it's an important game. We hope that we can keep this momentum for the afternoon match."


Judith McCleary after Scotland’s 8-3 win over Belarus said: "It feels good to have three wins now, two in a row. It probably wasn’t our best performance there this morning but a win’s a win and that was the important thing this morning.

"The sixth end when we got the four was key. We created some good stones into the centre, got an opportunity and Lee, with his last, had quite a straightforward draw for four. It was important we made that to get the four and go ahead in the game.

"Then in the seventh end we got one locked on, Lee played really well the whole of that game with his first stone, and we just guarded up for the whole of the seventh end really and didn’t give them a chance to remove our stones."

Following their 9-3 win against Korea, Scotland's Lee McCleary said: "It feels really good to get the win. We played really well there, got a good start then put the pressure on them. Unlike some of our other games when we got a good lead but then gave it up, we managed to keep piling on the pressure and saw it through to the end. Three wins from three now which is really good."

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