Day 2: Athlete Quotes


Following their 6-5 win against Belarus, Poland's Karolina Florek said: "It was our first win in mixed doubles, we are not really experienced, therefore it was an emotional win. It's a great win for us. We didn't play well at the beginning, but then we tried to focus and we did it!"

Her teammate Szymon Molski added: "Our main goal here is to have fun, just to have fun."


Following their 11-10 win against Turkey, Slovakia's Silvia Sykorova said: "It was a really good game. It was really long and hard, but we won.

"We are brother and sister, and it's really good in Mixed Doubles. It's fantastic here in Sochi, in the Olympic arena. The atmosphere is really good, I cannot find words for this. We enjoy being here."


Following their 11-3 win against the Czech Republic, Russia's Victoria Moiseeva said: "It was great with all these people cheering for us, I really appreciate that. We gained confidence and played our game.

"We are focusing on one game at a time, but of course, the goal is to qualify for the quarter-finals, and we are hoping for a medal."


Following their 8-4 win against Romania, Spain's Irantzu Garcia Vez said: "We struggled a lot, we started really bad, we had some problems with the ice and the draw weight, but we managed to steal a three, which was really important.

"Now we are sitting with two wins, which is important for us, because we are playing Scotland and Canada next."


Following their 8-5 win against Scotland, Hungary's Dorottya Palancsa said: "In the beginning we didn't find the ice, but at the fourth end break we decided to pull ourselves together, and afterwards we played well."

Her teammate Zsolt Kiss added: "Now it's our routine that we are sleeping in the first half, but in the second one we fight for our lives. Luckily, we got better and better in the second half, while they started making mistakes."

Following their 10-1 win against Romania, Hungary's Zsolt Kiss said: "We got to know sheet E a bit better, which is good as it is a bit more tricky than the other ones. The Romanian team played well, so we had to focus. In one end we managed to score three after a complicated situation, and basically that was the point when the match was decided."


Scotland's Judith McCleary, after their 8-5 loss to Hungary, said: "With only five stones to play if you have one loose shot - even a half-shot - it makes all the difference."

Her teammate, Lee McCleary, added: "We had the weight right but we just had the wrong line and that's where we went wrong. In the first end we created space. They had one miss and we took advantage of it and got the three. We didn't play badly, we were left with a lot of difficult shots."

Judith then added: "It's early in the week. We can learn some stuff from that and take it forward through the week."

Following their 10-9 loss to Spain, Scotland's Lee McCleary said: "I think we’re calling a good game, I just think our shot executing is letting us down at the moment.

"You just need to bin today and move on. There’s another six games still to play so the competition's just started. We just forget the day and move on.

On their aims of the week, Judith said: "We’d like to qualify through the section for sure, that’s our main aim at the moment."


Following their 11-2 win against Poland, Estonia’s Maile Moelder said: “We have played very good – we are very happy so far. We have some wins which makes us happy, but the fact that we got our shots in the right places makes us even more happy. We are kind of having a competition amongst ourselves (to try and execute as many shots as best as possible).

On the morning game she added: “We had perfect first draws by Erkki (Lill) and then it’s easier to make the shots afterwards. It’s also very important if you pick up a four (points) in the first end. It helps you relax but still you need to remain focused as it’s easy to lose four in Mixed Doubles.”

“We want to play well and hopefully make at least the top 12 – we have gradual targets.”


Following their 11-3 win against England, Canada's Kaylee Park said: "It was great. We struggled a bit, but we figured out the ice and from there we just took off, so it was good."


Following their 9-4 win against France, Switzerland's Carole Howald said: "We had a much better game than yesterday, we had a better weight and direction."

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