Day 3: Athlete Quotes


After their first win of the Championship, 9-7 against Australia, France's Thierry Mercier said: "This is the first game all week that we have actually curled well! For the first three matches we couldn't get a feeling for the ice. We are really happy to get the win but we have some serious preparation to do ahead of our games against USA and Denmark tomorrow."


Following their 7-6 win against Belarus, Romania's Cristian Matau said: "We had a couple of good shots and it's amazing because it was a huge win. I think that the key point was in the second end when we scored five points, because they missed a lot of shots and we had all the stones in the house. I don't expect so much from the next games because they will be against Canada and Estonia. I expect them to be fun."


Following their 11-2 win against Poland, Hungary's Dorottya Palancsa said: "It was a much better game than yesterday. We had very good weights and directions, therefore, we played pretty well."

Her teammate Zsolt Kiss added: "Both of us played better than yesterday, and the ice was maybe a bit better too. We hope that we can keep this form for the upcoming games."

Following their 13-1 win against England, Hungary's Dorottya Palancsa said: "Besides winning the game, our main goal was to explore the ice and the stones even more, and I think we managed it. We were very focused from the beginning, our stones were well-placed. That's how we ended up having a big lead after the second end, which made the rest of the game pretty difficult for our opponent."


Following their 12-0 win against Romania, Korea's Jong-Chul Beak said: "We scored five points in the first end, and then it was easy to keep the advantage. We were very confortable from the beginning during the whole game."

He added: "Our goal is to win the gold medal."


Charley Thomas said: "I thought we played pretty well. We made a lot of draws early on and they kind of got behind the eight ball (after going behind 8-3), plus they had trouble making some of their shots - that's what made the difference."

When asked about they key to holding onto a big lead, Kalynn Park said: "You need to play smart. You need to keep things as open as possible and when you get the opportunity to make a run back or a double you take it."

Asked what makes a good Mixed Doubles team, Thomas said: "They key is to ensure you get your draw weight really early, put pressure on the last thrower - that seems to be the key to success."

On their goals for the rest of the week, Park said: "We want to play as best as possible, take it one game at a time and hopefully get into the play-offs."


Following their 11-6 win against Slovenia, Finland's Katja Kiiskinen said: "It was a good game mostly. We had one poor end when they played really well, so they got closer, almost back into the game. Fortunately we were able to score again in the seventh, then it was that."

She added: "Mixed Doubles is just interesting with so many angles to consider, and tactically it makes you a better player, because you have to take so many things into consideration, and also with weight control, it helps for traditional curling."


Following their 10-3 win against Brazil, China's Jie Mei said: "We played better than before. The difference between the Brazilian team and us is not so big, but we made an important shot, and that was the key for this win."

She added: "We will try our best and we hope that we can get into the top eight."


Following their 9-1 win against New Zealand, Latvia's Iluta Linde said: "We were a bit surprised that it went so smoothly for us, we were expecting that it would be a bit more tough. But we feel sorry that the male player of team New Zealand has to play for both teams, the mixed doubles and the seniors. I think that he is just a bit tired. It's not easy, I appreciate what he is doing."

She added: "Our main goal is to win whatever we are able to win. For each game we are going with a target to win the game, and then, let's see."

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