Day 4: Athlete Quotes


After their 9-6 win against Brazil, Slovenia's Jure Culic said: "It feels great to get our first win - we have been waiting for a few games for it."

"Congratulations to Brazil, they really fought well. We know they wanted revenge after last year as we won that game too, but we played well."

His teammate Valentina Jurincic said: "I think reading the ice has been our main problem in this Championship. In this game we got some lucky shots, that was they key."


Following their 8-7 win against New Zealand, Italy's Simone Gonin said: "We didn't play our best. It was a tough game, a tight one, and fortunately at the end we managed to score four in the seventh end and that helped us a lot.

At the end we are happy because it's another win, the third win for us, which is very important with regards to qualifying for the play-offs."


Following their 6-5 win against Switzerland, Turkey's Kadir Cakir said: "It was really good, we just started really bad, but then we had some good luck."

"Today we have beaten first Denmark, then Switzerland. If we continue like this, maybe we will go up. This is our second time that we've play mixed doubles, so we are really happy for this."

He added: "We always want to win, nobody wants to play for nothing. It was really hard, but we did it."


Following their 8-3 win against France, Denmark's Denise Dupont said: "We had a little trouble with the ice and the weight, but it ended up well. I think that after the break it turned around. It was difficult today to find the weight."

Her teammate Oliver Dupont added: "We've got three games left, and we need to win them all to get into the quarter-final. That's our goal, to get into the quarter-final."


Following their 6-3 win against the Czech Republic, USA's Sarah Anderson said: "It was a very good game, the scores don't really represent how well they played. Our goal was to work on our communication, I think that helped us in this game, as there has been a lot of communication with my teammate."

She added: "I think that the following games in the round robin will all be good games and I'm really looking forward to some good curling."


Following their 6-2 win against Poland, Spain's Irantzu Garcia Vez said: "I think we had a really bad day yesterday, we just tried to forget what happened and start over, and it worked.

"It was really important for us to win this game, to keep alive our chances, and we did, so we are just so happy.

"I think the difference between the matches yesterday and this game was the start, because yesterday we had a really bad start in both games. Canada took a five in the first end, and Korea started with 7-0. We tried to start better, keeping the house clear, not to receive many stones, and I think it worked."


Following their 10-7 win against Belarus, Hungary's Zsolt Kiss said: "It wasn't as bad as it looked like. The second end wasn't that terrible either, but we needed to place our stones more accurately. In the third end we had bad luck with a take-out, and it resulted in that I had to draw against three, and I was long.

"Afterwards we were able to put a bit more pressure on them, maybe that's why they made some mistakes. They played really well, while we played a little bit worse. We need to play better."


Following their 11-3 win against Romania, England's Alan MacDougall said: "It felt a little bit better than it's been the rest of the week for us. We've struggled this week.

"They didn't get as many shots as they should have done, and didn't put us under pressure, but the other teams did. It was a nice win to get, a comfortable one. I think we've had our tough games to begin with, so we are hoping to get a few more wins by the end of the week."


Following their 9-5 win against Canada, Scotland's Judith McCleary said: "We got off to a good start and then just kept the play going, kept putting on the pressure. We got our weight quite good and our line good, so a good game for us."

"We just felt good out on the ice, we were just enjoying it. We always want to go well, especially against Canada who were undefeated before this and have had some big wins.

"We wanted to prove ourselves a bit and play our game. For the next few games that's what we want to do - get a few more wins on the board, finish off the week and take as much from it as we can. It's been a great experience to be here."

Her teammate Lee McCleary added: "After our series of losses it's been a fairly tough week, so we felt we didn't have anything to lose. All our losses have been marginal - I think we've been unlucky, but if we'd play like that, we'd have had a chance."

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