Day 6: Athlete Quotes


Following their 8-6 win against Spain, Hungary's Dorottya Palancsa said: "It was a very difficult game, the Spanish team fought really hard. We had to give our best. We are happy that we could steal the extra end."

Her teammate Zsolt Kiss added: "We expected this match to be difficult, and it was rather important to win, to get some self-confidence and to avoid the tie-breaker against them tomorrow morning. Despite all the stress, I managed to remain calm and luckily we won the game."


Following their 10-2 win against Romania, Estonia's Maile Moelder said: "We feel awesome. It's a super feeling. Our plan was to get into the top 16 or 12 teams, but this is just perfect.

"We have enjoyed our games, tried to concentrate and play the games well. Tonight we actually had some difficult moments, we should have been better. A couple of ends were quite risky, I would say that this was a good learning point."

"It might have looked like an easy game for us, but they had some nice shots. Erkki had a nice throw against three, and then the final triple take-out saved us."


After their 12-3 win against Korea, Canada's Kaylnn Park reflected on their week so far. She said: "Charley’s playing really well so that's helping and I seemed to get my first rock in place a little bit better this game. That always plays in well with our strategy, so that really helps if I make that first shot. And we’re just getting the draw weight as soon as possible so that always helps."

Looking ahead to the quarter-final she said: "I’m going to watch a few of the games we had this week on the website and we’re going to come practice at 11 to keep ourselves fresh and feeling good and then go into the quarter finals really confident. We’re going to be expecting 100% from anyone we play so we’ve just got to focus on ourselves and hope for the best."


Following their 9-5 win against Turkey, Japan's Michiko Tomabechi said: "Our technique wasn't really good today, but we are happy with the result. Tomorrow we will play Denmark in the tie-breaker, and we want to take a revenge on them, as they have beaten us in the round robin. We need to improve our strategy for that."


Following their 6-5 win against Czech Republic, Denmark's Oliver Dupont said: "I think the key to winning that game was playing well in the last two ends. We really put them under pressure. The first three or four ends were terrible, but we came back."

On her important tap back in the seventh end, Denise Dupont said: "That was really important because we stole one point but they could have scored three if I didn't make it and that would have been the game over there."

On the tie-breaker against Japan, Oliver said: "We played Japan yesterday and we had a pretty solid win, so I think we're going to play using the same strategy and try to put them under pressure from the beginning."


Following their 7-4 win against China, Finland's Katja Kiiskinen said: "I couldn't draw to save my life today, which is not good in Mixed Doubles, but we did make some of our last shots (of each end), which helped. It was a lack of weight control today, but thankfully Kalle helped out."

Her teammate and brother Kalle added: "The Chinese team played some really great draws throughout the game, so it was kind of nerve-racking against them because there was always some pressure on us. It was a tight game and could have gone either way."

On the tie-breakers, Katja said: "We're happy to still be in the competition. It's a really tough field, especially our group, so it's nice to be one of the four in our group still in with a chance of reaching the medal games."


After their 8-5 win against Denmark, USA's Korey Dropkin said: "We had one loss going into this game and Denmark had two, so we knew that this was going to be a deciding factor - it would determine who finishes second or third. Japan are also in there. So this was a huge game for us."

His teammate Sarah Anderson said: "We just really focused on our communication in that game, about weight especially. That was the key to winning, and being positive."

Dropkin then added: "We can always improve, especially with draw weight and where to put the broom. There's only eight ends in this game and you only get five rocks per end, so each end is so important. We just need to stay focused and try to get those factors nailed down pretty quickly."

On their thoughts on the quarter-finals, Anderson said: "We're pretty confident going into the quarter-finals. We're going to try our best - we're really excited about it."

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