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Visitor Accommodation

There are a number of accommodation options available for visitors attending the World Mixed Doubles and World Senior Curling Championships 2015. Please download the Visitor Accommodation document to see what options ar... Read More


The Ice Cube Curling Center (Керлинговый Центр Ледяной куб) is a... Read More

What is Mixed Doubles curling?

Instead of playing in Teams of four, mixed doubles curling is for teams of two players – one male and one female (no alternate/substitute player is allowed). - The game is played on the same sheets of ice as &ldqu... Read More

About Sochi

Vibrant, beautiful, exciting, multi-cultural, Sochi is an unforgettable city which captures the very essence of a modern nation.... Read More


Sochi is a city in Krasnodar Krai, in the South-West of Russia. The city is situated on the Black Sea coast near Georgia and Russia's border with Abkhazia.... Read More


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Visitor Visa Information

A foreign visitor travelling to Russia must apply for a Russian visa at the Russian Consulate or via the Russian Visa Centre. To apply for a Russian Visa you will need an invitation letter. In order to receive a visa in... Read More

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